Confused Between MEng and MASC? Know the Differences

Posted In university admit On September 10, 2018

Once you have finished a bachelor’s degree in science, you can choose from amongst various postgraduate courses depending on the science course that you have studied in your bachelor’s degree. You may pursue either Master of Science (M.Sc) or the Master of Engineering (M.Eng) from abroad.

MASc refers to the master’s of applied science, it is research and thesis-based program where you have five courses and a thesis to fulfill the academic requirement. The admission process has a lot of competition. The advantage is that you develop real superior skills in your specialty which helps in pursuing your Ph.D.

Advantages of Doing MASc:

  • Learn trade skills of research and many useful tools

  • Learn how publication of paper works

  • Aquire an in-depth and advanced knowledge of a concept.

  • Learn to write a well-structured thesis

MEng is the Master’s of Engineering which is a more course-based program with little or no research. It is less focused and exposes the students to new ideas and information on multiple topics. You will have to do 10 courses or 9 courses and a project to fulfill the academic requirement. Its easier to get admitted and complete such a course.

Advantages of doing MEng:

  • More industry oriented

  • More focused on the application of the fields of science

  • Introduction to many topics as you will be taking 10 courses

Both the courses require GRE scores and need three letters of recommendation. The basic difference is that MASc is thesis track and MEng is non-thesis. MEng is exclusively course based and may have more courses than MASc. The duration of these MASc courses is 2 years whereas that of MEng is 4 years. The prerequisites, subjects and job prospects for these two courses differ a lot.

When it comes to prerequisites, the disciplines are the same but a MEng has stricter requirements. You must be able to finish classes in Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Geology for both the MEng and MASc. In MASc, you can take the courses as part of your major or you can have them as ancillary or allied subjects to your course. However, for a MEng, you must have these subjects as your major in your tertiary education. As long as your classes qualify, you will be selected based on academic merit. Depending on the aspired college, you may also have to take an entrance examination.

MASc focuses more on studies and theories, while MEng is more about the application. After completing MASc you will be well adept for any branch of science and will become a specialist in its theories. Whereas, those who have opted for MEng will focus more on the applications of the fields of science of their choice.

The job offers for each of these postgrad courses will also vary. The job opportunities available for the MASc people will be scientists, researchers, consultants, teachers, and assistants. On the other hand, the job opportunities for MEng include engineers, builders, consultants, and scientists. Generally, People who take up Master of Engineering will be working in the professional corporate field.

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