It gives me immense pleasure to thank each one of you for the wonderful support you had extended to me while applying for an educational loan. Having already been frustrated with nationalized banks and other NBFCs for my study abroad education loan, I was finding it impossible to get the loan sanctioned. I came to know about Credenc in early January while simply browsing through the answers on Quora itself. I registered on Credenc website and within hours I received a call from Aditya and my application process was started the very next day. Within 10 days my education loan of INR 40 lacs got sanctioned and that too with just basic formalities which other NBFCs had already rejected. Thanks Credenc especially Aditya for helping me in the entire process and making my dream come true. I owe you a lot.

-Narinder Paul Singh
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Aditya has been very helpful throughout the case, understanding my financial situation efficiently, one of the important issues during the loan process. He was constantly in touch with me during the entire process. He is not just an agent/consultant to me, but also a friend to all the students. Overall very helpful and proper guidance towards the steps for the applications. I don’t feel that I have faced any issue during my application process. It was the art of negotiating that attracted me the most. Thank you for everything and all your efforts till the end.

-Piyush Garewal
Washington State University, USA

All the services I received from you were excellent. What I liked was that the entire procedure was an online one. In this era, technology is the biggest advantage as it makes the entire process very easy. The way Aditya communicates with customers is satisfactory. I’d like to suggest one thing, that you should advertise about Credenc in Gujarat too. Only a few people are aware of it. Getting loans through Credenc is very helpful to students especially when it comes to negotiating the interest rates. If possible, have an office in Gujarat as well, because it would become easy for people to trust you, since they can visit you instead of a telephonic conversation. Once again, thank you for all your help. Good Luck

University of Utah, USA

Hi Team, It was an absolutely fantastic experience for me working with you in tandem in my endeavor for landing up a reasonable education loan for funding my studies abroad. Words would fall short of the assistance and the amicable gesture shown by you in our every step of finding the correct loan for me. My heartfelt thanks here would be a mere cliché. I hope that our bond remains strong as ever even after securing a good option with the ever assistance of yours. I would again like to thank you all for the kind gesture and wish you all the very best. Every organization would love to have associates like you who stops for nothing short of absolute satisfaction and perfection in the perspective of delighting customers.

-Abhishek Bhattacharjee
University Of Connecticut, USA

I’m extremely happy and satisfied with the service provided by Credenc. They took utmost care in explaining each and every process related to my loan with a lot of patience. They were accessible at all times and provided me with the best suggestions. I really appreciate the individual attention that they gave to students which matters a lot.

-Abhiram Rai
Technical University of Berlin, Germany

I recently sought the assistance of Credence team for obtaining a suitable education loan for studying in Germany for my masters. I wish to thank Ms. Anuradha Mehra and the credence team and humbly give my feedback regarding the services I have received from your organization. Ms. Anuradha has been in touch with me right from the beginning and she has helped me to a great extent in selecting the correct loan package for my requirement. It was a great pleasure to know that she had understood my case thoroughly, negotiated well with the loan companies on my behalf and mediated any issues that arose during communication. Thank you once again for your valuable efforts and guidance during this stressful time!

SRH Hochschule Berlin, Germany

A sincere thank to all the Credenc team and especially Aditya Kumar for all the efforts taken by him. It has taken a lot of effort by him and multiple follow-ups as to get my work done which was really an important requirement for me. I hope you will do the same work for those students who are in need of education loan Once again thank you so much.

-Rekha Soni
EU Business School, Germany

From delivering the best service to providing me with a lot of valuable advice and finally getting my education loan sanctioned, Credenc has been implausibly very helpful to me. Aditya and Arbaaz in specific, have been supportive and exceptionally constructive since the very beginning. They have patiently addressed my every little query and have been meticulous about their work. Great work by a great team! I take great pleasure in thanking them for making my dream of pursuing masters come true. I will be forever grateful to Credenc. I cannot think of anything to tell you guys to improve. Your efforts and services have been superb and splendid I received the best of the deal, minimum rate of interest and the ideal loan amount with minimal effort of my own. All thanks to you.

-Sukriti Kapoor
University of Dublin, Ireland

Credenc team has been a pathway in achieving my goals to pursue my masters. The team has undoubtedly, unconditionally has helped me in each and every aspect right from clearing even the smallest hint of doubt. The service offered by Credenc has helped in making the process of applying for loan smoothly. I owe a lot to Aditya who has been a key role in helping me. He has helped me in giving constant motivation at times when I gave up and even promised me to get the best ever deal and negotiation for me. What I like about Credenc is the diligence it carries forward in helping students achieve their goal. The constant follow up keeps us moving and progress instead of procrastinating. Special thanks to Arbaaz as well for taking my case for a week. So far so good. I dont see any negative feedback to be given. I am in touch with the team regularly and I didn't find any difficulty from your end. I hope this feedback helps u in a better way to carry on and create a legacy.

Clemson University, USA

I am Gian Singh. I got admission to the PhD Program in Computer Engineering at the Arizona State University, USA. Coming to ASU straight after the bachelors meant no funding for initial semesters. That is where Credenc, especially Ms. Anuradha helped me to obtain the education loan to cover my expenses here. I like to thank her and the team Credenc for providing excellent service and guidance for the loan process.

-Gian Singh
Arizona State University, USA

A big thanks to Credenc for providing me a hassle-free experience in my pursuit of finding the best education loan offer. I had my loan sanctioned from 3 NBFCs and at last I chose the option with minimum interest rate and processing fee. I appreciate the services that Credenc has provided me, they made me understand all the terms and conditions clearly and also solved all my queries. Their responses were quick and the whole loan process was very transparent, which I think is the most important aspect. Thanks again Credenc, for helping me pass through this seemingly tedious process, it all became possible because of your services.

-Khushboo Mandhaniya
University Of Connecticut, USA

I would like to thank you for the trouble-free process of getting loan. Everyone stated that pre-admission for foreign institutions is very expensive. Few consultants asked for huge amount of processing fee and long process. Thanks to the team at Credenc who helped me with the student loan with the best interest rates but also did not ask for any counselling fees. They were always there to help with any doubts or queries. Hope to maintain a long lasting relation and excepting a smooth process of disbursement.

-Radhika Malviya
University Of Connecticut,   USA

Aditya at Credenc was very helpful in providing me with the best way to find the loan offer with the minimum possible rate. Got very good response regarding Loan queries.

-Jay Patel
University of Texas Dallas, USA

Mr. Aditya has been an excellent person, helping me at every step of the process. He has handled my situation with at most care and top notch quality. By patiently listening to my problems and solving them one by one, he has instilled in me the confidence of the highest levels. I would, therefore, like to thank Aditya and Credenc for their support, cooperation, and candidature.

-Aditya Indoori
Arizona State University, USA

I am thankful to Credenc for getting my loan sanctioned by not one but 3 institutions. I am extremely grateful for keeping the whole education loan process transparent and with fewer constraints on documentation. All my queries and doubts were handled very well by the customer support. I hope you keep up the great work you are doing. Again thanks, Credenc for making life easier for all the aspiring students. You guys are doing some really good work in this space !!

-Ravi Kant
University of Texas Dallas, USA

I am more than glad to inform that I have received top grade service and help from Credenc. At all stages of my loan application, I have felt that my case has been handled very diligently and with personal care by Aditya I am extremely pleased to have done my application through Credenc which has not only helped me to receive a very favourable loan approval but also for the ease with which the whole application process was handled. Thanks a lot Credenc and thanks in specific to Aditya from Credenc. There is no doubt that Credenc will be my top recommendation for anyone looking to apply for an education loan.

-Vignesh Balachandran
University of Windsor, Canada

I took an education loan through Credenc to pursue my Masters in the US starting Fall 2017. Superb support, great service, and the hassle-free process are few of the many attributes they match to. Getting the interest rate is of utmost importance, and Credenc is really focused on that aspect. Really loved the open, clear and quick communication. I would highly recommend Credenc to any prospective students looking out for a loan option and experience some rare quality service.

-Krrish Mittal
Northeastern University, USA