How To Crack Your MBA Interview?

Posted In exam preparation On January 3, 2020

Getting admitted to a reputed institution is a challenging task in itself. Most of the questions asked in an MBA interview revolves around general life-related scenarios with an intent to know the student’s profile, aspirations and personality. An excellent advice would be to maintain confidence, clarity and coherence while conveying your answers keeping in mind your career plan, future goals and aspirations. This will more likely improve your candidacy and make your profile appealing to the interviewer.

The purpose of the interview round from the interviewer’s perspective is to get a sense of who you are, and how you think. So, your clarity of thoughts and presence of mind while communicating is the key. Make sure you are calm, focused and engaging throughout the interview.

These are some of the most important questions in an MBA interview mentioned below. Please spend some considerable time thinking about these questions. You can create flashcards with key points and practise answering these questions.

1. Tell me about yourself

2. What are your hobbies?

3. Tell me something which is not mentioned in your CV

4. What are your strengths & weaknesses?

5. Why should we select you for the program?

6. Goals /Challenges/Aspirations

7. Questions pertaining to Current Affairs

8. Career objectives

9. Why are you interested in an MBA program? Why this institute? Why this field?

9. Who is your role model?

10. Any questions from your side?

(This question is rather crucial and you can ask the interviewer about

any of the questions you couldn’t answer for closure and perspective.

his will highlight your self-reflecting attributes to the interviewer.)


How to respond to hard critical questions?

An interview may often throw a curveball question to shake you off your script. These questions are not intended to undermine a student, but rather open a student up to a more candid conversation and check how a student performs under pressure. Communicate ideas by presenting original statements instead of following an over-rehearsed script. 

How to respond to certain questions where you have no idea?

In case, you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t worry. The interviewer mostly checks how you react in pressure so answer if you have prior knowledge. Answering honestly always helps, so stating that you don’t know the answer won’t pull you down. 

The questions asked in an MBA interview can be roughly categorised in 3 particular categories namely -

Point of view questions

For example - What are the core milestones in the expansion of e-commerce industry over the last 5 years? 

Such questions are meant to test your overall knowledge and awareness in macroeconomics and industry trends. Make sure you keep up to date on news sources in the time leading up to your interview. 

Fact-based questions

For example - What is the current GDP of India?

Answering such questions requires market research, news study and keeping awareness related to the business world. If you don’t have the answer to such a question, it's better to admit it straightforward and then link the conversation back to your goals/aspirations in business knowledge and why you want to enlist in their MBA program. 

Problem resolve questions 

For example - How many people use Netflix in India?

These type of questions are intended to assess how you approximate an answer by following a logical plan of action. You are not required to give an accurate answer but rather an approximate one backed by reasonable assumptions and clear explanations. So, take your time before leaping into statements. 

Final Thoughts- 

An interview round mainly examines your perspective and authenticity. It's not about answering all the questions correctly but rather how you answer them using your perspective and rational thought process. So keep in mind, these few points while appearing for an interview. “Clarity in expressing what you’re actually thinking and keeping it true to your experiences will make your communication a lot more appealing and persuasive.”

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