Get Pre-Approved MBA Loans
Even Before Admission

A loan program based on the assessment of your potential. The loan can be
availed digitally, without any documentation, before deciding your MBA college.

What’s in it for you?

  • Get loans based on your merit

    Get the college education you deserve, not what your parents can afford. You & your potential to earn decide your loan amount & interest rate.

  • Loan sanction without any admission letter

    Get your loan approved before you even decide your college!

  • Hassle free process

    We ensure hassle-free processing. Everything is digital & can be done on the go!

  • Student Benefits

    Enjoy ongoing services like annual meetups, counselling sessions, interview preparation, job access etc.


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How can you avail a pre-approved loan?

Just in 3 easy steps, secure your college funds with a pre-approved education loan


Fill out a form

Fill out a simple online form providing all required details.


Take Assessment

Take a 30 minute test to generate your future employability score.


Select your college

Select the right college for your MBA without worrying about funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

A loan given to students for pursuing higher education based on an assessment of their potential. The loan can be availed digitally, without any documentation, before deciding their MBA college.
Students who wish to pursue higher education & require financial assistance.
PGDM / MBA / Masters in Data Science / Data Analytics / Masters in Statistics and similar courses.
You get the loan basis your own merit & not your parent’s finances or collateral. You get the approval for the loan before you even decide your college!
In just 3 easy steps!
1. Fill a basic information form 2. Take a simple 30-minute Future Employability Score Quiz. 3. It’s FREE! Select your college

Kickstart your career

Get pre-approved loans for your MBA.